Body As Art

Powerful and Personal Artwork

Artwork for the Soul…

Rather than the traditional Boudoir photography in lingerie, “Body As Art” sessions are all about shapes and lines accentuating your body in a more anonymous way.

Create your own custom and unique piece of wall art using yourself as the canvas to display proudly in your home to remind you every day of the work of art you truly are.

First Things First…

What you need to know…

After Dark Shooting

Body As Art sessions require darkness, as a projector is used to paint your body with light patterns. The time of year will depend on your start time.

Posing Nude

Posing nude is a requirement. Your shoot will take place after dark, in the privacy of the indoor Maylands Studio. In winter time, the studio has heating however a small portable heater will also be set up close to you for comfort.

The Patterns

Mel Silva Boudoir has a range of patterns and light projections to choose from. If you have your own image in mind, we need to discuss ahead of time as not all images are suitable for this project. They also must be high resolution image to be eligible.

Body As Art Experience | $450

Shoot Location is Studio Haesel in Maylands, Perth.

$450 reserves the date of your experience on my calendar and also covers:

  • A pre-shoot planning consult (via phone or email) to discuss colours and patterns
  • 2 hours shoot time in the Maylands studio
  • 3 different pattern/art projections
  • Pose coaching during your shoot
  • Online gallery of low res watermarked images to choose your favourites.
  • In person artwork planning session where we will curate the perfect piece of art to fit your wall space at home.

Printed artwork is not included in the session fee, and will be invested in after your session.


Works of Art

“Allow your body to become a work of art. It’s not really a photograph until it’s printed”

Printing your Artwork – BIG

The sole purpose of these sessions is to create unique and powerful wall art to hang loudly and proudly in your home.

You won’t be boxed in to certain print packages and fixed sizing, as we create your custom artwork to fit your space and aesthetic. Weather that be an Artisan Canvas, Fine Art Framed Print behind glass, or a modern Acrylic Print, we provide products to suit your home perfectly.

An in-person design session is included in your session fee so we can create a quote you on your ideal piece of Art.

During the design session, you provide us with a photo of your home space, and we will do a mock design of you wall art straight on your wall. There’s no guessing if it will fit correctly as you’ll see it before purchasing and printing.

//for desktop

//for mobile

Investment Options

“You are powerful force” – make up a quote

All Artwork is custom created to suit your home, therefore prices upon Application. Starting prices include:

16 x 24 inch framed print | $1100

24 x 36 inch framed print | $1900

Most clients purchase a series of images creating the ultimate wall mural. A combination of three artworks is a popular choice.

Payment Options

  • Direct Debit
  • Afterpay
  • Credit Card
  • 24 month Payment Plans with PAYRIGHT (pre-approval and credit checks apply)

The Little Black Book is a gorgeous gift option to your significant other for a wedding, birthday, anniversary etc. Only 10 images are required to create a Little Black Book. This product is available as an “add on” with any of our collection purchases. If you’re keeping your luxury 8 x 8″ album for yourself, it’s a perfect idea to purchase a smaller Little Black Book for your significant other.

Luxury Wall Art

Remind yourself every day of the empowered and strong woman you are by hanging your artwork proudly in your home. Order any combination of images you like. The configuration in the display room is one of our most popular displays with one 24 x 36″ horizontal canvas plus two 16 x 24″ vertical canvases.


Boudoir FAQs

As your face is mostly hidden in pattern or shadow, I find professional hair and makeup is not required. A slick bun in your hair and minimal makeup (define your brows and wear some mascara) works perfectly for these shoots.

Yes! But it comes at a price, as all the time, creativity and work goes into these digital images. The printing process is just sending off the finished digital to out professional print lab. The goal is to print your artwork and it won’t cost you much extra at all to do this through me.

Be prepared to be at the studio for up to 2 hours. It can take time to find the right projection for your body and align the pattern perfectly on your body.

Fill out my contact form, or you can go right ahead and book a ‘no obligation’ phone consult below. On this call I can answer any questions you have and go through investment options. More importantly, we chat about your WHY and determine if The Boudoir Experience is something you will really benefit from.

If you’re happy to go ahead and book right away without a phone consult, you’ll find the booking calendar below.

Payment FAQs

The $350 only covers hair and makeup plus my time in the studio. Also, I believe in only investing in what you love. So paying for images on the day of your session insures you only walk away with what you LOVE! No more, no less, no stress.

If you know you’ll definitely be purchasing images (trust me, you will want them all), some clients like to pre pay for a collection ahead of time. You can set up weekly/fortnightly payments before your shoot to make walking away with everything you love easier on the day.

Yes, you can split your payments between different methods such as direct debit, cash, Afterpay or credit card.

Everyone values photography differently – however Boudoir Photography is a very niche and specialised area. It takes years of practice and training to master flattering unique individuals in the most flattering way. Photographers charge on their experience and also their confidence to produce amazing results for you.

At Mel Silva Boudoir, we aim to make this as accessible as possible to all women who deserve this experience, starting with just a small digital collection, with different payment options available.

The cheaper the product, the less confidence the photographer has. Please keep this in mind when choosing your Boudoir Photographer – I’d hate to see you disappointed in your images or even worse, hating your body, when an inexperienced photographer has done a bad job. It could be very damaging to your self esteem, which is the opposite effect Boudoir photography is supposed to have.

Love Notes

Re-discover your inner Goddess with The Boudoir Experience