Meet Mel

Congratulations on taking the first step towards investing in YOURSELF and participating in the ultimate confidence building experience. I’m Mel Silva, photographer of over 13 years living in Perth WA with my husband Brad and daughter Anna. I specialise in Boudoir and Wedding Photography.

My work is centered around women, and also those who identify as woman who are either:

1. Dissatisfied with their self confidence

2. Are already on a healthy self love journey and want to embrace this even further.

Unlike other photographers who use photoshop to alter reality, I show the REAL you by using tasteful and flattering posing and lighting. I believe a boudoir experience is one of the most powerful and life affirming experiences a woman can do for herself. I’ve helped hundreds of woman so far to see themselves through the eye of my lens, and be blown away by the results.

I really look forward to meeting you and creating an experience that you’ll never forget.

Mel Silva xx



1. Purchase Lingerie – It’s a great idea to view my outfit guide by clicking hereFor info on couples boudoir check out the FAQs here


Treat yourself to something new, or use something you have at home. And if you don’t want to spend the money we can rock your session with some implied nudes (implied nudes are images where you appear to be naked, but the “bits” are covered through posing/bed sheets)! Some of my favourite shops are Honey Birdette or Bras N ThingsThe most important thing is to make sure you feel good in what you are wearing. Don’t worry about the size on the tag, just get what fits. If lingerie is too tight it will cut into you in ALL the wrong places.

2. Book beauty appointments

This is best done a few days before your session, and is totally optional. You may be a woman who has a mani, pedi, lashes, THE WORKS. Or you may be more comfortable with a more natural look. Either way, my hair and makeup artist on the day will make you feel a million bucks. ** Please be mindful of fake tan – it can sometimes appear blotchy and have dark marks on your wrists and knees. If you have a bad fake tan, it may cost you in extra editing time as this is quite hard to edit naturally.

3. Look at this check list:

  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration helps to give that healthy glow.
  • Pack your bag including your outfits, touch up lipgloss/stick, a comfy and loose outfit for hair and makeup, some snacks if required.
  • Wash and dry your hair – give it a once over with a straightener or smoothing blow dry so your hair is prepped for the hairstylist
  • Have an early night so you are well rested. The night before a boudoir experience is not a night for hitting the town.


Please remember on the day of your session:

  • Make sure your arrive with your face moisturised, clean and free from makeup.
  • Arrive with clean, product free, dry hair washed the night before. Please prep frizzy or unruly hair. PREP means give it a ‘once over’ with a hair straightener or give it a smoothing blow dry. My hair dresser does not have access to all products and tools on the day. You can select to have straight or wavy hair.
  • If it’s winter, I will make sure my space is nice and warm. Feel free to bring a dressing gown/slippers to wear during hair and makeup.
  • IMPORTANT: Arrive in LOOSE clothing (I recommend bra-less) that WILL NOT mark your skin.
  • Lingerie: You will need to bring your own lingerie. 2 looks is enough, and no more than 3. I take around 30min to shoot each look (outfit).
  • Small snacks will be available, and you’re more than welcome to use my fridge to store any of your own snacks or food for during/after your session.
  • Feel free to bring any touch-up makeup (lips gloss is a necessity)
  • This is a private space, therefore friends/family/kids or spouses are not allowed to attend your session. I promise I offer a very comfortable, supportive and non-judgmental environment for your session and you’ll be having fun in no time!!

the boudoir experience timeline

** Sessions from start to finish can take anywhere from 3.5 – 4.5 hours.

11:00am – 12:30pm (11am start time is an example only. Please arrive to your session at the time we have discussed)

Arrive at my home studio in Aveley WA (address supplied once you have booked). Please BE ON TIME for your session – The hair and makeup artist may have other jobs booked that day, and will have organised care for my daughter as well. Arriving more than 30min late will mean your session is cancelled as per the boudoir contract. (that’s the angry part over haha – sorry!)

I’ll have a look through your outfits, and then you’ll jump in the makeup chair. My makeup artist will discuss the look you are going for. You can choose to have wavy or straight hair. Lashes are included, but don’t have to be applied if you have your own extensions already.

12:30pm – 2:00pm ish

We will decide on the order to shoot your outfits. You’ll get changed (probably take a dozen selfies woohoo), and then the shoot will begin YAYYY! If you feel nervous, DON’T WORRY, this is completely normal and you can read my article on Boudoir Shoot Nerves Here.

The photoshoot may seem like the most stressful part but I promise it’s super easy! I will tell and and SHOW you exactly what to do for each and every pose. I’ll tell you where to look, how to breathe and everything is tailored to your comfort level. We can keep poses as conservative as you like, spice it up, or do a mix of both. You will let me know what your comfort level is in my pre session questionnaire.

2:00pm – 3:00pm ish – After Your Shoot

From here, you will have a 30min break where you relax in the lounge room and have a flick through my sample boudoir albums. In this time, I download your photos and give them a light exposure and colour correction for optimal viewing. Full editing (removal of bruises, pimples, stray hairs) will only happen on the images you decide to purchase and will be done in the weeks following your session.

After 30min, I call you into the viewing room and you finally get to see your gorgeous self in the images. I will help you to select your favs (but trust me you’ll probably want them ALL). Some people find the thought of viewing their images the most scary part – but every woman so far has walked away amazed at how they look in the images.

Once your favourites are selected, payment is made on the day, and then YAYYYY you’re done, you made it, you did it – you should be super proud of yourself.

View Full Pricing Here


So you’ve chosen your collection and selected your images – NOW WHAT?

  • I’ll retouch your chosen images in both colour and black & white. You’ll be sent your online gallery of edited, high res, downloadable images no later than 3 weeks after your session. If digital images are needed in under 7 days, a rush fee may apply.
  • If you’ve chosen a collection with an album, we’ll go back and forward via email until you’re happy with the design. Once you’re happy I will send to my professional print lab in Sydney.
  • Products take time to be produced and delivered after I order them. Everything is custom and handmade by labs interstate – quality takes time. So please keep this in mind when booking your session. If you have a deadline, try to book 8 weeks before the deadline. Rush orders can be organised, but may incur a fee from myself or the printer.
  • All printed products are sent directly to your address so you get them as quickly as possible. So no need to schedule another appointment to pick up your album and take time out of your busy day.

You have received your images and products! Your amazing Boudoir experience is now complete. I would love for you to leave a review, and see you hanging out in my Facebook Group. Links are below:

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