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Couples Boudoir Sessions are priced exactly the same as a single boudoir session. The only difference in price is for a female/female partnership. If professional hair and makeup is required for both of you, an extra $200 will be charged to pay for the extra artist.

So let’s get straight into it and ask “the elephant in the room” question about Couples Boudoir Perth:

1. What happens if my male partner becomes visibly aroused?

It happens, but not as often as you think – It’s not a big deal and there’s no reason to be embarrassed. I will personally ignore it – but if it’s bothering you please don’t hesitate to ask for a drink or bathroom break if things get too heated and you need to calm down. When this has happened before, the couple ends up having a good old laugh about it.

To be honest a couples boudoir session doesn’t FEEL as sexy as it looks. The reasons being:

1. I’m quote close to you both with my camera – so having a third person at the party makes it more “funny” than sexy 

2. Holding certain positions for the photo can sometimes be quite uncomfortable

3. Although the photos look super sexy and serious sometimes, we actually LAUGH A LOT during couples boudoir and have a ton of fun.

2. It looks like the couples get so intimate in front of the camera, how do you avoid us feeling awkward?

It may seem a little awkward, but I can promise you it isn’t! The couples have a lot of fun and we chat and joke around the entire shoot. The photos are very posed and made to seem all intense, but in reality it’s the exact opposite. It isn’t a romantic setting (mostly because I am there making jokes with my camera in your face haha). You’re often doing uncomfortable/hard to hold poses. There might be a few boob and butt grabs from your partner, you may even get to do the good old “motor boat” – but then you hold a pose for a few moments and you’re too busy thinking about your muscles hurting rather than anything sexy.

3. Are you going to see our junk?

I don’t photograph the genital area, but if you’re up for it I do photograph implied nudes. Implied nude means you will be photographed naked, but the poses/bed sheets cover all of the “bits”. I do photograph the nipples if you want this.

If you decide on implied nudes, yes I may see your junk however I am very respectful and will look away when changing poses where you might expose yourself. Think of me as your Doctor – I have seriously seen a lot of nudity in my job and I am basically immune to it. Plus I’ve birthed a human which increased my immunity haha.

4. How intimate are we allowed to get in the session?

As much as I want your images to be a reflection of your authentic selves, I do not allow actual sexual acts during the session. Everything is demonstrated and posed by me, and there is no point in the session where I allow you to get too heated. As mentioned in previous answer, if things do start to get too heated between we will take a break.

5. While the female is having hair and makeup done (1.5 hours), what does my male partner do?

He can do a few things. He can arrive separately when hair and makeup is finishing, maybe go get a coffee somewhere in the meantime. Or he can chill out on the couch at my home studio and watch Netflix. It’s really up to him. If the couples Boudoir is 2 females, I will organize two hair and makeup artists so you will be done at the same time. One of you may opt for no hair and makeup as some people like a more natural look. There is an extra charge of $200 when both females require Hair and Makeup.

6. Will all the photos be of us as a couple, or can we have some single shots too?

99% of your shots will be together. I recommend booking another boudoir session if you’d like single photos as well.

7. How many outfits should we bring?

For a woman, 2 – 3 maximum, and we may not use them all. For a male, we generally use layers. For example, we start with shirt/jeans/shorts. Then remove the shirt. Then remove the jeans. We take off layers as you both get more comfortable. To view my outfit guide for women, please CLICK HERE.

Men could bring along some jeans/shorts/chinos. buttoned or plain shirt. Some jocks (please not the old ones full of holes haha). View some inspo for what a male could wear below – Please note these are not all my photos below and are used for inspo only

Couples Boudoir Perth

Couples Boudoir

Couples Boudoir

Couples Boudoir FAQs

Couples Boudoir FAQs

Couples Boudoir FAQs

8. Do we both have to stay for the viewing session?

Both of you can stay, however I only need one of you to make the decision on the photos you choose. So if one of you arrived separately, you can also leave separately.

Have other questions? Please let me know and I can then add it to this FAQs page xx

Mel Silva – Couples Boudoir Perth

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