Couples Boudoir

For couples in love – Boudoir Photography Perth


What is couples boudoir photography?

Put simply, it’s intimate style photos of you and your partner taken in a boudoir (bedroom/loungeroom) setting. My style ranges from relaxed lifestyle images to more intimate and sensual. As always I’ll start you off with some comfortable and modest poses in your more comfortable and modest outfits – once you’re feeling more at ease we can peel back some layers and progress from there. The first 10 minutes is about warming each other up. I’ll also use this time to figure out what poses work best for you both. After that, the nerves will slide away – I Promise!

So why a couples boudoir shoot over the conventional “clothed” couples shoot?

During a couples boudoir shoot we have the opportunity to capture a more authentic and intimate connection between you and your partner. The poses are more “connected” and less “smile at the camera” type poses. Hands are always on each other and you are always close. You definitely look at the camera more in a clothed shoot, and look at each other more in a couples boudoir shoot.

Just a heads up – even the photos look totally intimate – it’s actually more fun and even funny than you think. I kinda spoil the intimacy for you with my camera in your face and my bad jokes. But it really is a lot of fun and we all have a great time. The results are truly beautiful as you’ll see in the images of Ez and Dan below.

I’ve written an entire article on FAQs for couples boudoir, and if you’re thinking of doing a shoot you should definitely read it by CLICKING HERE!

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