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  • How many outfits do I bring to my session?

I always suggest two outfits, it takes around 30min to shoot each outfit. If you are planning to bring more please let me know so I can allocate more time. You can find more info on what to wear in my Boudoir Outfit Guide Updated 2023 by CLICKING HERE

  • Should I bring any props?

If you have anything you want to bring please do! I have a few props you can use including a whip, hand cuffs, bridal veil, small feather duster, a few linen shirts (for that boyfriend shirt look). They are mostly props from Bras N Things.

  • Do you provide any outfits?

Due to hygiene purposes, I don’t provide the lingerie outfits. It’s also super important you buy something that fits your body perfectly. I do however have a few staple items:

– 2 x black lace dressing gowns

– 1 x white sheer kimono

– 1 x Large linen shirt

– Hand cuffs and a whip from Bras N Things

  • Do I need to know how to pose?

I give you 100% coaching on all the poses. I will first demonstrate (which usually involves you having a laugh at me, because my back isn’t very bendy haha). I will then coach you into the pose. I also ask you in a booking questionnaire what you love most and what you love a little less about your body. I then decide what poses will work best for you to accentuate what you love. Every session is custom to suit your individual body.

  • Where is your home studio located?

I am located in the suburb or Aveley, up near the Swan Valley. The exact address will be given on booking. I also do shoots in Darwin, and when I do I hire my lovely friend Allison Cole’s custom built studio.

  • Will my photos be shown on social media or used for marketing purposes?

Only if you sign a model release, which is only compulsory when you are a “Model Call” client. Most clients opt to keep their images private, which is why every now and then I do a discounted “model call” on Facebook. Full paying clients are under no obligation to sign a model release and I will keep your photos private unless you tell me otherwise.

  • How long does the session go for?

I allow 90 min for hair and makeup, 60 min for shooting (or 30 min per outfit), and 60 min for the viewing and purchasing session. It total I set aside 4.5 hours however this can be shorter sometimes.

  • Can you remove any pimples, cellulite, scars, blemishes in the photos?

The short answer, YES! I always remove pimples, blemishes or bruises on the face and body at your request. However, I don’t encourage altering your body in a misleading way, as it alters the authenticity of the photo, and your beautiful body. It also isn’t in line with my own values about self love/acceptance and why I do these shoots for women. BUT they are YOUR photos, so whatever you direct me to do, I will do. I will never change anything at my own discretion or without permission. Please keep in mind I am great at posing people in very flattering ways with flattering light, that cover up things like cellulite and promote the parts of your body you love! I also never post any photos on my social media if someone’s body shape has been altered. Some clients ask me to “nip and tuck” which I do, but they are their own private images that I will never show.

  • Can I bring a friend to my session as emotional support?

No sorry, because a friend can be very distracting to you and also me, giving sometimes unhelpful direction and input. I have had “friends” come in the past and it just hasn’t worked out. I can assure you I offer a fun, safe, judgement free environment where you will feel comfortable during your session. I have a lot of experience working with many different women of all ages. It is very normal to be nervous before a session, and I ve written an entire article on Boudoir shoot nerves and how to deal with and overcome them. Please CLICK HERE to view the article.

  • I need the photos for my wedding, or by a certain time. How quickly can you get the photos to me?

I deliver a digital online gallery within 3 weeks from your experience – this can be rushed for a small fee and delivered in under a week. Printed albums however, take up to 4 weeks to be delivered, and this doesn’t include the time it takes to design and perfect the album with you first.

If you have any event such as a WEDDING, I recommend having your Boudoir Experience no later than 8 weeks before your event, just to be safe.

  • Do you provide the hair and makeup (HMUA)?

Hair and Makeup is included in your session fee. I have a number of professionals I work with who come to my home studio for your convenience. HMU usually takes from 60-90 min depending on the length of your hair.

  • If I book in through a Model Call, what happens if I change my mind about having my photos shown publicly once I see them?

I will absolutely honour your request – however you will lose any discounts/extras involved in the model call.

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