I bet she’ll be pretty poem

**You can see the full “I Bet She’ll Be Pretty Poem” written at the bottom. Original video also included.

Since my daughter was born in November 2021, I cry a lot! The smallest thing can set me off. But it’s not tears of sadness, regret, or overwhelm (Okay I DO get overwhelmed sometimes, I’m a new Mum and it comes with the job and life in general). Sometimes I can’t even pin point where the tears are coming from. I’ll explain when I cried below, maybe you can help me with why :D.

I discovered this beautiful poem “I hope my daughter uses her voice” on Tik Tok and Instagram that’s currently trending by @kiaraspoems. It popped up on my feed late at night before bed. The words were so powerful so I googled the poem to try and find it written so I could copy and paste into a document. I couldn’t find the full poem written so I stayed up to listen to it and type it out myself.

I read it to Anna this morning in bed during our morning play and cuddles (see image of us below – this poem hit me so hard I literally just took this photo, typed the blog and posted). By the second paragraph my eyes welled with tears as I read it to her. I just felt so happy and relieved to have found something I can read to my daughter so she understand beauty doesn’t come from her face only. Physical beauty is really the least important thing and to place so much value on how you ‘look’ and to place so much “self worth” on physical beauty can be truly devastating to a woman’s life. It’s something I struggled with in my 20s and I placed so much importance on my physical appearance, that I’ll admit true beauty from within lacked. I’m really proud with the internal work I’ve done to change my priorities. I still have pride in my appearance don’t get me wrong, but internal beauty is of huge importance to me now, rather than external.

I bet she'll be pretty poem

I felt this little blog post and insight into my life really helps to show why I love being a boudoir photographer, and I have so many woman of different ages, colours, sizes, body shapes come to me for a natural and authentic experience. If you want photos that are photoshopped to the point you are unrecognisable, DON’T COME TO ME. Besides removing a few blemishes and bruises, I do NOT change the shape of your body.

I’ll be honest, some women (very minimal I’m happy to say) do request for me to change their body slightly, and because they are paying me for their photos I do what they ask. But I will NEVER show one of these images on my website or social media. I only post the images where the body shape and natural appearance have not been altered.

You can view the original tik tok video here however I have also recorded it for you below:

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