What To Wear to a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Outfit Guide Perth – Updated 2023

Each woman is beautifully unique, and lingerie is actually designed to flatter the female figure. This guide is all about what to wear to a boudoir shoot. Lingerie, chosen correctly, should highlight a woman’s unique femininity and make her feel comfortable and beautiful. My best advice is, go to an expert lingerie store such as Bras N Things or Honey Birdette, try things on and find what suits you.

The perfect piece of lingerie has the ability to boost any women’s confidence, and having photos taken by me will boost it even more! I promise! Also just for you piece of mind, I always start shooting with your most modest outfit – this way you have a chance to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera. After about 10 minutes of warm up time (doing the modest poses in the modest outfit) you’ll be feeling much more at ease.

Below is my guide to choosing the correct lingerie for your body type so we can make the most out of your boudoir shoot experience.



Bums come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve circled my fav bottom cuts above which are the Thong and the Brazilian. Going with a complete g-string (see in the pics below) can leave you very exposed so unless you are loving you rear, opt for a little more coverage. A g-string can however look great teamed with a lacy garter belt. I think anything with a cheeky cut flatters your ass(ets)!

You can get some ideas of what will flatter your bum on the Her Room website in their article “The Best Panty Styles for Your Bottom Type”.

what to wear to a boudoir shoot

Body Suits

YES to bodysuits as they suit everyone and they elongate the body. If you have any insecurities about your tummy, a bodysuit will nip and tuck it all in perfectly. High cut is best, because the higher they rise above the hip the longer your legs will appear. Some bodysuits don’t offer any support or boning in the bust. Some do. Make sure if you need more support, buy something with in built support.

what to wear to a boudoir shoot

Garter Belts

A garter belt (suspender belt) has clips that allow it to hold up thigh high stockings (however you don’t HAVE to wear stockings, you can just leave the clips hanging). They are great for emphasising the waist line and can also help as an illusion to lengthen the legs. Do be wary of thigh high stockings, as some can push your legs out in all the wrong places.

Pert Boudoir Photography


From fish nets, to patterned, to thigh high, stockings can add a sexy look and great texture to photos! They also feel amazing. However “thigh highs” don’t suit everyone (as mentioned above) – They can push your legs out the top in all the wrong places if they are too tight around the thigh. Full length stockings can offer some support, and are great for disguising any lumps, bumps.

Perth Boudoir Photography


Corsets are great to cinch in your waist. They look super sexy and also cover your stomach if you have any insecurities about this area (just like bodysuits). They can come with the criss-cross ties at the back (super hard to deal with), or boning/thinning panels on the sides (much easier to deal with).

Perth Boudoir Photographer

Longline Bra

These bras extend a bit further toward your belly button. You HAVE to make sure they are not too tight around the mid section, otherwise the bra can push the skin on your tummy in all the wrong directions, which is never falttering.

Perth Boudoir Photography


Choose luxurious soft fabrics, so they fall nicely. Perfect for your first few photos if you feel a little anxious about showing too much skin. I have 2 x black lace dressing gowns and 1 x white sheer kimono gown for your use in the studio.

Bridal Boudoir


Incorporate you significant others piece of clothing into your shoot. Or for a super cute/girl next door look, bring a loose off the shoulder knit or shirt. I have 2 x loose off the shoulder knits in the studio. I also have a size Large linen shirt you can use in the studio.

Perth Boudoir Photography


Get creative with certain uniform pieces! Try a sexy secretary look, or a military look, pilot look, the choice is yours! This is a photo of me using my husbands uniform 🙂

Perth Boudoir Photography

Photo of me by Allison Cole Self Love Studio


Personally I find that camisols, or silk PJs hide your figure completely. But it’s totally up to you and your comfort level. Perhaps we can start with something like this as a warm up, and move onto something sexier if you feel comfortable.

Boudoir Blog 2


The perfect way to celebrate one of the most important times in your life. Also, many Brides are looking their best before their wedding day so why not document that amazing time in your life! You can bring along your veil, wedding shoes, or any accessories you like. Don’t forget your engagement ring! I have a super long veil you can use as well (pictured). To learn more about Bridal Boudoir CLICK HERE

Bridal Boudoir


Heels, necklaces, something belonging to your partner, bangles, jackets etc. If you are thinking of bringing it along, just pop it in the car and we can decide on the day. I don’t do a lot of poses with heels, but I do recommend bringing along a nude pair for some standing shots, as they can really elongate your legs. I am a “less in more” person but please bring along any jewellery to team with your outfits, and we will incorporate it in.

I have a pair of handcuffs, a black whip and a small feather duster from Bras N Things you are more than welcome to use.

Boudoir Blog 9

Something different

Ripped denim jeans or mini shorts, ballet tulle skirts, if you want to try something different bring it along and we will incorporate it in.

Boudoir Blog 3